Looking to wow your love with some exceptional dating ideas in Leeds? As a long-established Manchester escort agency, we have got you covered.

Leeds – the home to an incredible enunciation, Yorkshire tea and variety of other exceptional things give both tourists and locals something to explore. And if you are with your beau or one of our stunning Leeds escorts, you will be spoilt for choice in terms of what to do here. So, let us guide you to some of the best date ideas in Leeds.

The Pizza Date:

Pizza is the best date food I must say. Others may assert that it is oysters and some even go with spaghetti, but I’d like to put my money on pizza for being the dish which has bought a majority of couples together. Pizza is the ultimate answer – whether you are seeking an easy date or bonded over a hungover order of Dominos. Find some time for yourself on a Monday night and head to Sela Bar for the Holy Trinity of beer, pizza and classic music for an unforgettable date night.

The Bowling Date:

Take your girl to Roxy Lanes if she loves bowling. Give her a strict competition if you have the skills.

The Cultural Date:

If she thinks herself an inexperienced photographer on the cusp of being ‘found’- take her to the White Cloth Gallery  where both of you can peep at some exceptional photography displays prior to getting into their bar later for some cheap pints & a session of glancing into one another’s eyes.

The Edgy Date:

Introduced in 1914, the Hyde Park Picture House is illustrated as the ‘cosiest in Leeds’ history, an excellent place to cuddle on the back seat. There couldn’t be anything more serene than enjoying a vintage movie together in an autonomous cinema.

The Activity Date:

Want to enjoy some wild adventure altogether? Hazlewood Castle is the ideal place to entertain a new or old date. You can do body zorbing, laser tag and quad biking in the castle ground which are very impressive. You can also book yourself a night in the on-grounds hotel for a comfortable and entertaining night stay.

With such a variety of things on offer in Leeds your partner will not feel bored even for a second. If you know any other romantic things to do in, please feel free to leave your comment below in the comment section.

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