A lot of guys lack the skill when it comes to what to say to their girl friends and what not to say. In fact, comprehending what to say to your lady can mean the difference between a slap on the cheek and a kiss on the lips.

No doubt, there’re innumerable romantic things to say to your love, but each girl is different, so you should know her well prior to you try to pamper her with romance. Here are a few “do’s” and “don’ts” in terms of what to say your girl friend and what not to.

The Don’ts:

Don’t talk about her responsive organs always. This won’t make you any nearer to them. Girls need to be and feel respected. Even our agency Escorts Manchester expect the same thing from their clients.

Don’t tell her ever that she looks great with makeup. It can make her consider it in a negative way. Rather, try saying something as “you look great no matter what you put on.”

Don’t utilize those pickup lines that you always hear in English movies. Seriously, they are boring in terms of real life romance. Rather try to display your love in a more natural way!

Don’t strive to express your romance if you found her in a bad mood. Rather save it for when she cool down – trust me the result will be much better.

The “Do’s”:

  • Do praise her outfits. There is a good possibility that she spent a great deal of time getting prepared to meet you.
  • Do compliment her fragrance. Girls like to smell good, and like it more when their opposite gender think they smell beautiful. So, don’t be hastate to shower her with loads of compliments.
  • Do praise her hair. Girls like to have different hair cut, and if you assume a specific style suits her great, do let her know about that.
  • Do give attention to small things. Women like it when their men notice slight changes, even if it is merely a change in how she trims her eyebrows, new perfume, new makeup, and so on.
  • Do ensure to praise the things you actually like. She won’t only like this, but she’ll keep it coming to pacify you as well!

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