One of the most explored countries in the globe, England provides never-ending possibilities when it is about fun things to see & do. Part of the gorgeous British islets, this tiny but influential nation is simply flooding with charming history, fascinating cities and wealthy cultural traditions.


Just 10 mi north of Salisbury on Salisbury Plain, Stonehenge is Britain’s most popular ancient monuments, and one of its most renowned tourist attractions.


Tower of London:

Prison, treasure vault, palace, menagerie and observatory – the Tower of London has it all. Widely recognized as the most crucial building in England, there is enough to keep the visitors occupied. Some of the notable highlights of this heritage places includes the beautiful Crown Jewels exhibition, the Royal Mint, classic Yeoman Warder Tours, etc.

The Historic Yorkshire:

Though Yorkshire is categorized into 4 “ridings” – North, South, West and East Ridings – the habit of referring to the nation by its traditional name runs deep in England. Traditional Yorkshire includes some of the most gorgeous historic towns & cities in England, encompassing Durham, Beverley and York with its beautiful half-timbered homes & shops, medieval guildhalls & churches, and romantic streets enclosed by 3 mi of splendid town walls.


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